Attention goes where light flows.

Boston, MA

177 Huntington

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project brief & challenges—

The client’s challenge was to upgrade a corporate lobby of a Boston Office building with modern day technology. Two areas were highlighted for unique installations; an 80’ long ‘niche wall’ and the ‘elevator bay’ that would communicate elevator positions as well as visual effects, news, weather and current trends to briefly engage with guests.

Custom solutions were developed for both challenges. The ‘niche wall’ high brightness LED fixtures were engineered and fabricated from scratch with a 30mm custom quad RGB pixel layout to maximize brightness and avoid color shift. A buffed aluminum extrusion housed the electronics. A custom 10cm x 240cm (±4”x94”) 2.5mm high resolution video panel was created for the ’Elevator Bay’. This was achieved by using previously validated electronic components extracted from standard high resolution LED panels. By integrating these elements into a custom housing made here in the US, we were able to achieve the required UL approval and still enabling the required small tolerances for installation.

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